How can Tax Help - KPMG Presentation


Hi, I am applying for Audit within KPMG and just writing up my presentation on Aldi. I want to say how the Tax service within KPMG can help and I have written this:

New legislation is continually being introduced – and each change can have major implications for a business like Aldi. The tax team within KPMG is to stay abreast of developments and to advice clients of new risks and opportunities, which may arise. The tax practice also advice their clients on pension provision, how to structure reward packages for business leaders, and how to manage personal tax issues for a globalised workforce. This line of service could really help Aldi as they have major global expansion plans over the next ten years.

BUT I am reaally scared if they ask me anything on tax after as I don’t have much knowledge on it. For example, I read on Wikijob that someone got asked ‘What is the corporate tax rate in the country you suggested for your company to expand too?’ Do you think that I should not put it in - or risk it?

If you can please help I would really appreciate it thankyou !!


Hi Greenelephants

What you’ve got there is spot on - I didn’t go into any more detail than that really, you just need to remember the myriad of things that affect tax etc and make sure they’re covered. It may be worthwhile investigating what corporate tax rates are in countries that you recommend that they expand into (I was asked this when I recommended Ireland but didn’t know…), depends I guess on how much the partner wants to test your commercial awareness.


Thanks a lot Joyrevision…

Thanks for the tip on finding out the corporate tax rates in the countries Aldi expand too…!!

Could you just help on the things that do affect tax please???


Sorry, I don’t really know that much myself to be honest - go on the KPMG grad page and read up about the various things that the various depts (including the tax ones) do - that’s what I used for that section of my presentation and just applied the various services/sections to the recommendations in my presentation.


Thanks Joyrevision - - i put together all the posts on KPMG and you’re overall insight has helped me loads - you seem to know lots. Have you found a job yet and if so which one are you taking?


It’s a massive subject but here are a few key words you might want to consider: risk management, statutory documentation, HMRC enquiry defence, cross-border tax issues, R&D tax credits, tax jurisdiction of intellectual property owner, intangible asset valuation, record retention periods, thin capitalisation issues, intra-group interest deductibility, supply chain restructuring, deferred tax assets, indirect taxes (VAT), permanent establishment risk.


I’ve accepted an offer for KPMG tax actually! I think that as incredibly useful as the technical advice is on here, its also good to get a bit of common sense too, which is hopefully what I provide… All the best :wink: