How can I get Legal experience as a Non-Law student?


Hi guys,

So I’m just finishing off my 2nd year in Cardiff University.

Basically everyone goes on on here about getting legal experience. What would this be exactly and how could I get it as a non-law student? I have an interview tomorrow (fingers crossed) for a 10 week summer placement as a project worker in a charity that aims to aid the implementation of policy in regards to social justice for disadvantaged youths - would this be relevant enough?

If I do get this placement I was hoping it would be enough to secure a Winter scheme at a good firm too. I am dedicated and finally sure this is where I want to go with my career. As well as the above placement which I’m don’t know whether I’ll get, I have promotions experience on a children’s intiative with the BBC, was a committee member of the Unicef society in Uni, play netball and have great communications experience - worked 25 hrs a week during my A levels in a customer call centre dealing with people constantly and have experience in face to face sales in retail - 16 hrs a week during my first year of Uni.

My degree is Journalism, Media and Social Policy - I want to make sure I make it clear on my CV that Journalism in Cdiff isn’t taught vocationally, instead it is completely academic and focuses more on the ethics of newsreporting, the philosophy of societies and quite relevantly - people’s right to privacy. I am also taking a module in Media Law next year - I thought this part of my degree could be particularly relevant to firms that deal with the Media. The Social Policy side focuses on the legal implementations, the success and sometimes failures of policy in the UK, this includes legal inquiries into policy etc so that gives me some grounding too.

I also have experience volunteering in my local politician’s office, and am a member of the Labour party - is this worth mentioning or is it a no no?

Grades wise, I went to your standard comp so my A levels were ABB, but I’m averaging a high 2:1 atm and will probably turn it into a 1st when I stop being extremely lazy finally next year. I am 100% sure this is what I want to do so any help you guys could give me would be amazing! Btw I saw an opportunity to volunteer for CAB but just on this called AdviceLine - is this worth doing?

Thanks in advance!

Kate xxx




Perhaps when you graduate, you could do a legal secretary diploma from Pitmans and get a job as a legal secretary. That would certainly give you the legal experience. You could then use that experience and knowledge to get on a grad scheme to be a lawyer.
If you did decide to do this, then all the stuff you mention above, the CAB, the 10 week summer placement, would all be very relevant.


To be honest I can’t fund a post grad diploma, Law firms take on non law grads all the time straight out of Uni, just with relevant experience, so do you think what I’ve mentioned would be sufficient in itself? Like I said I don’t have the funds, and don’t particularly want to spend even more time in education/ off the track I want to be on to then secure a training contract before spending another year and a half getting my GDL and LPC. I need to secure a TC within my final year, and that way my GDL and LPC will be paid for. Thanks for your advice though x


Hi Guys

Just wanted to ask if contacting associates and others of similar experience in private practises who do corporate law for work experience (unpaid) is a wise decision to gain work experience as a non-law graduate?

My ideology is to gain some work experience in my preferred specialism to put on my application for MC’s before they close this coming july.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks