Hours / Travel?


Please comment. As bad as consultancy ?

Im really panicking about all these ‘‘look good on the employer website - read the horror stories on forums’’ grad jobs.


The hours in advertising are generally better than those in consulting.

Both advertising and consultancy have a core day (9am - 5pm) and both will require you to stay late from time to time. In consultancy, this will be pretty much a LOT of the time (3-4 nights a week), and you will stay up to 12pm.

In advertising, this will be less of the time (1-2 nights a week), and you will stay to 12pm, (working until about 10pm, then hitting the company bar for creative downtime until 12pm).

However, consultants get paid a lot more than advertising bods (starting salary 20k versus 30k) and consultants salaries increase quicker and by larger amounts.

All companies market their grad jobs to the best of their abilities on their websites… in real life, no jobs are ever as good as they are made out to be. One of the reasons WikiJob was set up, was to provide access to real information rather than company blurb… but bear in mind too that jobs are often not as bad as they are made out to be in “horror stories”.

Take everything with a pinch of salt - but if you don’t want to work long hours, you’ll have to either leave London, or get a job in a bar. Good luck!


…the travelling in advertising is better than that in consulting. In consulting you travel to the most random places to help clients work on projects - this could literally be anywhere.

Advertising guys travel too, but usually to client’s offices on short trips, or to nice locations to film adverts or do stunts. Advertising trips would probably be a lot more fun, and people who work in advertising more accustomed to using the company expense account…ahem!


Sounds promising, until the if you dont want to work long hours leave london part. Well I dont want to work in london, I want to stay in manchester.

Cheers for the posts guys, any info from experience? As even on forums you can get mixed stories that are based on fantasies.

So it sounds like Less money vs. Prestige, More travel, alot longer hours?

I wouldnt mind staying late like you say one night a week. But most nights till midnight is a joke really.