Hours per week for an intern


Hi guys,

Just wondering whether anyone has any experience interning at an investment bank, and would be able to give me a rough idea of the hours you are expected to work…surely stories of 80 hour weeks are exaggerated, no? And would you ever be expected to work on a weekend?

Any info would be greatly appreciated, cheers!


80 - 120 is quite common in IBD. Weekend - definitely yes.


Sorry, I should have mentioned that I was talking with regards to operations!


i believe even full time employees finish usually between 5-6 so interns shouldnt be that different (thats in regards to ops!)


from my experience - I can say that our working hours were very civilised - 8/9am till 6pm-ish… of course one could have stayed longer, to network with people, learn some stuff or just enjoy the view… but at the end of the day - how long you stayed there really didnt matter when it came to receive the offers… some peeps who went home at 5pm got the offer whilst others who stayed till 10pm didnt get the offers (although made some very good friends/contacts)


Operations is much more regular hours, but then you see a difference in the pay.