Houlihan Lokey Corporate Finance-M&A Interview


I need some information about M&A interviews at Houlihan Lokey. I have read that they are quite complicated. Could they be compared to other interviews, e.g at Greenhill, Rothschild and Lazard?


When did you get invited? And yes prepare as much as possible!


Hey, I also applied to [http://hl.com HL]. Houlihan Lokey seams to be a very good firm and quickly growing in reputation in the UK, in the US it is already one of the most prestigious investment banking restructuring IBs. I have also applied to Lazard, Greenhill, Rothschild as well as [http://www.gs.com GS], MS and [http://credit-suisse.com CS]. but have not heard anything back yet. I also would like to work for Greenhill. I use [http://http://www.vault.com/wps/portal/usa/rankings/landing?rankingId=161&regionId=0 Vault.com] for my preperation and only read, that HL is very selective; some other websites claim that interviews there seem to be one of the hardest among investment banks. especially in restructuring : /


I do think that boutique interviews are quite alike. At least, that is what I have read. Very technical though :confused: You should know valuation.


Know your technicals inside out. No joke. Be very prepared!


I think WokSz is right, be prepared for it to be pretty technical.

This is a pretty definitive list of questions to prepare for (the technical ones are near the bottom):

From what i hear the boutiques often like to know why you’d rather work for a boutique rather than for a bulge bracket. Typical answers would be:

  • you like the idea of working for a more focused, specialised firm
  • you hear that graduates can take on more responsibility early in their career at a boutique
  • you’d prefer to work somewhere with a flatter, less hieratical structure so that you have the chance to work along side senior people

Good luck


Thanks for the feedback guys. Quite useful for everyone here. Do you think boutiques only hire you with previous banking experience? Or do people with less experience in finance have an opportunity to attend an interview as well? And what is the perfect type of degree for investment banking?