Hong Kong, anyone?


Has anyone received offers for IBD/Capital Markets in Hong Kong yet? Or been invited to the ACs? It seemed like many people applying to London offices have already gotten offers or invites to ACs! Does the HK office typically process applications slower than its London counterpart or should I begin to look elsewhere for the summer? I have applied to most of the major banks and completed the required online testing in early Nov but so far I have only heard from HSBC and Barclays. Passed the first-round telephone interview (as did everyone it seems) for HSBC but haven’t been invited for an AC. Barclays sent an email saying that they are interested in my application but won’t be processing internship apps until mid-Jan, which was weird but I guess that beats getting a rejection email or no news at all! Also got rejected by UBS and BoA-Merrill, but haven’t heard from the rest. How’s everyone else doing?


I know Citi has started first round interviews for IBD HK. So has JPM. Dunno about the others…


i applied to cs/ubs/nomura @hk … not rejected but no news at all …


Nomura is holding second interviews for HK now…


@ IBD_Haunter … thz … my chance is nil… did u apply as well ?? how about CS/ UBS I sent u a pm about ICAP.


Nomura is very slow about sending rejections… dunno anything about CS. To me, they are very seclusive… dunno about UBS HK.


btw why didn;t they reject me … i applied to summer internships


i applied to summer internship ~ are u talking about 2nd round for grad … or 2nd round for summer intern?


@ kchbjerry: since i got rejected by ubs and u haven’t that means u must have done something right! although i did screw up my logic reasoning so it could just that u passed both the tests… but i guess no news is good news in this case, good luck! i heard nothing from cs and nomura either. did nomura even have online tests?

@ IBD_Haunter: are u applying to hk office as well? i’ve been reading the forum for a while now and i always thought u were applying for london positions. then again u’re omnipresent on the forum and it seemed like u know something about everything! have u heard anything about DB, by any chance?


@ woebegone - hahaha… nah mate, I aint applying for HK. But I did apply for a few in Singapore (one 1 or 2 I think). Dont know about DB asia mate… Goodluck!


guys…all the banks have started first round interviews for HK IBD and some are sending out final rounds invites (most in NYC)

including GS/MS/JPM/CS/ML/Citi/DB/Nomura… dont know the rest



i think no test for Nomura .

@ wkc207

I applied tp S&T and are u talking about grad or summer intern? my fd aplied to CS last yr and their interview was a bit late i guess



I am referring to summer intern



well… it means tht i probably need to give up …sigh …


Hey IBD_Haunter

Do you know if they’re holding second interviews for the global markets programs or just IBD ?

They’ve extended their deadline for the Global Markets program twice from end of Nov to end of Dec and now end of Jan. I was under the impression they started screening after applications were no longer accepted.

Thanks for your help man, appreciate it.



Did u apply to HK’s Global market as well? ARe u talking about Nomura?


@ kchbjerry

Yeah I applied to Nomura’s Global Market’s program. Have you got any information regarding what stage of the recruitment process that’s in ?


@ kinfeEdge

O… now … i still got Nomura. cs . UBS . ML (UK) left … not yet being rejected… but still have no news yet…


dunno about Global Markets…

I would give up on ML (UK) and UBS (UK). that is, if they are for full-time positions.


@ Ibd_haunter

all my applications are summer interns ~ Global Market/ S&T