Honda (Swindon) - Technical interview for engineering


Hi All

Is there anyone who attended a technical interview with Honda at Swindon? I would really appreciate if someone can tell me what sort of interview it is, what tyoe of questions they ask and what to expect?

Cheers and good luck to all


Hi Farooko,

How was your assessment? what was the plan throughout the day?
I have an assessment day this week. please if you can help me regarding it.


Hello guys, I’m looking for help. Is there any one attended Honda Technical Interview, please tell me what type interview is this and what questions would i expect from them.


Hi Nipun23…i did attended assessment in Honda, there are 2 sessions. One will be the test in 4 parts in different tasks and 2nd will be the interview with HR.


Hello guys

Sorry been away for a while and wasnt able to check my emails.

Nipun, its a very easy test for Honda and i guess the interview was easy as well. you dont have to worry about it. just be yourself.

I am still waiting for my technical interviews date. have you got your date yet??



HI Vikram,

what all do they ask? which 4 tests and what about the HR interview? I have an assessment centre tommorrow…please provide me as much information you can. Thanks


HI Farooko,

what all do they ask? which 4 tests and what about the HR interview? I have an assessment centre tommorrow…please provide me as much information you can. Thanks


Hi Farooko,

No mate I’m not received any date from them, if you know anything jus let me know mate.

dont worry much about your assessment mate, just present your skills over there.


Hi all,

I have got technical interview as well but date hasnot been declared yet.

keep us informed if anyone you get the date.



Hi guys… Can anybody let me know, what are those 4 tests in Honda assessment as I have my non engineering interview next week… Thanks in advance



have anybody got the dates for technical interrview for Honda, plz let me know asap. please guys share all ur views and news u have about the honda technical interview


Hi guys

Can u please update ur information about honda technical interview daily on this page… has anyone got the dates for technical interview yet …i m still waiting for the dates from them.


Hi everyone

I have an Assessmet day with Honda on the 29th of this month and also an HR interview after that. Can any one tell me a bit more about it if you have attended. Also do they take any aptitude tests befoe the interview and what do these tests comprise off.

any help will be much appreciated . thank you



hello nikhil… its Ashwani here… we had the assessment on 29th at Honda… have you heard anything from honda regarding second stage of interview?


Hey Ashwini

How are you? Havent heard anything yet… but they did say will tell us in a week if we are invited for the second stage. Have you heard anything from them. BTW how was your first interview?


I am fine Nikhil… my first interview was quite good and they called me for the second very next day . i had my second interview this week. will let you know,


Hey guys,

Any one got dates for Technical Interview in HONDA @ Swindon, is so plz let us know. If any one attended Technical Interview in past plz share their views. I really appreciate for your help and comments on this forum.



I havent heard anything from Honda yet and its been over a month now since i recvd their emal that I have successfully passed the first round. I tried calling them as well and they told me most of the managers are out in Japan so thats the reason for delay. But this was like 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Anyone else tried calling them?


I sent a mail regarding the nxt stage, they said they will contact us as early as possible. so wass up dude is there any other companies recruting jus let me know.


hey Ashwini kumar…

have my assessment for non tech position in few days… recieved the pack… but it did not say much about various stages… could anyone please tell me what are the stages and what kinda Qs are asked n how one is supposed to be to b successful…

kinda urgent…
thanks all n best luck to all