Home Retail Group - Online Tests?


Has anyone done the home retail group online tests??

Any tips? is it SHL or PSL kennexa??? i can do the psl ones but find shl quite difficult.

Any help please…i would love you forever !!!



Hi solid_545

I have an assessment centre coming up for the graduate finance scheme. I would also like to find out more information regarding the online tests…

Have you applied to the finance scheme?


hi guys, yep im the finance scheme as well…ive just had a phone interview, no test as of yet…i just got the presentation stuff sent through as well…


yes i think you should. I definately will…its so annoying how many excercises we have to do for this company…


Hi everyone,
I haven’t been informed about the visit in the afternoon the day before the AC…
What date is your AC?


I have an assessment centre on Monday 12th December at Milton Keynes and have not been asked to visit to tour the offices. I assume we will be doing this on the actual day. It sounds very beneficial though as you can talk to previous graduates and ask as many questions as you like. I get the impression that this is a fairly new graduate scheme which is why there is not much information about previous years.

In regards to the workload, the application process wasn’t as hard as others, so I assume that they are now trying to determine those who actually want the job, and hence put all the work in.

Good luck everyone!


Hi everyone,

I know you applied last year. But I have just been invited to an AC in December.

Can anyone let me know about the case study, interviews and group exercises?

Any help or information would be appreciated.

Hope you guys did well.


I too have been invited to an assessment center. Any tips would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Have you started preparing for the presentation? I have a literature review due next week, and two term papers…;-((


Does anyone have any tips/remember the questions they were asked during the telephone interview? Would really appreciate some pointers!


Hi guys I had a phone interview today with Home Retail Group which went very well. The questions were fair and straight forward. The interviewer did seem really impressed with my answers. I hope I progress to the assessmenr centre. Does anyone have any hints or tips for the AC ?


Hi, please can anyone let me know how the competency test went and what to expect, I have one on Wednesday. Kindly help.