Holiday entitlement graduate programs


It would be great if somebody who currently works in an investment bank graduate scheme could tell me a bit more about the general trend in terms of taking holidays. (in the UK) I’m not talking about front office roles, I’m talking middle and back office.

Do graduates get annual leave? For example, would it be possible for me to visit my family abroad for say a couple of weeks in a year?

I’ve been told that leave is frowned upon and that even if you have 28 days holiday entitlement, people don’t usually take it.

Is this true?


Hi there,

This is a general perception of working in an IB in general I believe - more so in front office. The competitive nature means that traditionally graduates would try to take as little holiday as possible. This definitely isn’t the case any more. From experience, graduates are encouraged to take the majority if not all of their holiday! Well-being is definitely becoming more a focus area. First in the professional services firms but now also with the banks.

I think it would be possible for you to visit your family abroad for a couple of weeks in a year. If it is a large bulk like that, make sure you communicate this early to your team!

I hope this helps. Good luck!