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Hi guys

I’ve applied for a Policy Advisor position at the Treasury (graduate scheme). Has anyone else thrown their hat into the ring too?

So far I’ve been asked to complete 3 online tests by this Thursday. I’ve finished the Situational Judgement and Verbal Reasoning…just Numerical Reasoning to go. But I’m really dreading the last one. I have slight dyslexia, so it always takes me about 5 minutes longer than the time limit.


I have also applied for the job zinzin88 done all the tests but, i keep getting messages from SHL telling me to complete the tests I hope everything fine


I think there was a slight problem with the SHL site a couple of days ago. I got an email from the Treasury office saying they had to “refresh” everything…but it’s all sorted now.

You could always contact Tribal Resourcing/SHL to confirm that everything’s okay. The office number will be at the bottom of the email they sent with your username/password.

How did you find the tests? Did you have enough time to get everything done? I’m going to take the final one (numerical) on Thursday. I want to spend a bit more time looking over currency conversions/percentages.



I’ve applied too… There was a problem with the Situational Judgement testing, but I phoned them up and they sent me a new link. They assured me that everyone is having issues, as there is a problem with the link.

I found the practice numerical reasoning really difficult, however, I gave the real test a shot, i didn’t finish had one or two left at the end, i generally find them quite hard. The verbal was ok, still a bit of an eye strainer though.

the situational judgement, i don’t know if there are any right answers or if they just want to test how you would respond to certain situations, so it’s hard to tell…

hope you guys find them okay and am looking forward to hearing back from them - wonder what the next stage is…!!


Having problems with the Situation Judgement Testing!

They’ve provided a link which goes on to ask for a Username/Password, i’ve used the username/password provided which works for SHL, but doesnt work for this!!!

Is the link the same one you guys got (asks for username password)? Or did the link go straight to the test?


(I have emailed them and called earlier around 4.30pm… no reply no pickup!)


The Situational Judgement test didn’t require a username or password. You just click the link and you pretty much go straight through to the test. You have until COP tomorrow to complete the test, so don’t panic. Just get on the phone first thing in the morning.


Hi, yes, they have been having issues with user name and password. Call them they will send you a link that takes you straight through.



I’ve been a bit worried about taking the numerical test. As I mentioned before, the time restrictions are a bit too tight for me. So, I phoned up the testing office to see if there are any time extensions for people with dyslexia… It turns out that dyslexics only have to do the Situational Judgement test!

I wish I’d found that out before I completed the Verbal Reasoning test…but I suppose it WAS good practise.


I’m surprised at dyslexics only having to do one of the three tests! Handy for you though!! Thought they might have used a different percentile pass mark, interesting…
Have you found that at any other organisations??


Once you have finished all tests, do they email you confirming you have done so?

Plus, is everyone here applying for the Policy Advisor position?

If so, are you all Economists?



has anyone received e-mail for the interview yet?
how long do you think it might take ?


I was initially surprised too ucayman. But, the more I think about it the more it makes sense. The severity of dyslexia and its impact on test results is such an individual thing. There are some dyslexics who excel at competency tests. But, if you asked them to write a ministerial speech/prepare a concise briefing from complex data, then they’d run screaming from the room. They just wouldn’t be up to the job.

Whereas, other dyslexics might fail a verbal/numerical test miserably…even though they had the skills to do the job very well. There’s just something about the test conditions themselves…

I just don’t think that setting a standard percentile for ALL dyslexics would work. Where would you set the pass/fail mark if you knew that THE TEST ITSELF was the stumbling block for many people with dyslexia?

Dyslexia just means that you process information differently - not that you’re dumb. I think that it’s a good thing that the Treasury recognises this.



The HMT office said it could be a couple of weeks before we hear anything.


anyone heard anything from them yet? :s


I really do hope I performed adequately ,on the numerical test particularly, because numerical tests have not usually been my strong suit. Look you zinzin you do not have to complete the numerical test. How will they determine that you are really dyslexic ?

I am as anxious as you are to hear from treasury , nishpooat, and take consolation from the fact that 14 days have hardly elapsed



I have been checking my email account everyday, in eager anticipation of Treasury job news, for the past two weeks. And, so far nothing! It is a little frustrating. But, I’d be more worried if I was the only one waiting for news.

In terms of my dyslexia…I was officially tested for the condition whilst studying at university. They give you lots of paperwork that can be shown to lecturers/employers, if necessary. Or, I suppose the employer could go directly to the testing board themselves.

I know what you mean about the numerical test though. I took the practice one on the shl site and found that tough to complete within the time limit. Was the actual test harder/easier than the practice?


The actual test was tougher, more questions, I tried to use logic towards the end by adding and subtracting the figures in the table .

If you find any treasury job news please inform me.

Are you also based outside the UK ?


zinzin, if you think you have dyslexia i would let the hr people know and then provide them with the details of the place where you were tested for dyslexia. they will then be able to help out, i think.

i got a reply from them yday and have been invited for an interview.

has anyone been to the assessment days and do you know what type of interview it is?? they also told me i have to do a presentation, do you know that they look for here?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!


I wouldn’t worry about it. It wouldn’t surprise me if SHL purposely gave candidates less time than they needed.


now that nishpat has been invited for an interview would you say the opportunity has gone zinzin, or should I wait for a reply.

Do u have any leads zinzin ?