Hi, where's easiest to get into


Hi eeryone,

Quick background

3 A’s maths, physics, economics at A levels
I’ll graduate in 2009 with 2:1 in economics from Nottingham and going to have a gap year.
Just finished an internship at KPMG tax and have a job offer for 2010.

Basically I applied to banks last year for internships but didnt get any interviews, obviously I’ve got my internship now which should help. I want to get an internship this summer at a bank to get moreexperience of what its like/about. From looking at the various careers website think I’m more interested in Investment Research, but really just want to get a foot in the door. Anyone have any advice on what divisions/companies might be easiest?



I don’t think internships are available for students on gap years - only for students in their penultimate year…


It depends on the firm.


The best thing to do is apply, apply, apply. Places for both jobs and internships are highly competitive so you can expect a very long list of “no’s” follwed by a single “yes”.