Hi...Does anyone know about how the first interview with KPMG would be?


Hi everyone, I am actually get shortlisted for the first interview with KPMG in Australia. This would be my first interview in a big company. I’ve read some of the forum which discussing about interview with KPMG, however I would just want to make sure again what will be asked in the interview.

Will they actually ask me about the current business issues that are related to my preference line? (I choose Audit for my preference line). If yes, what do you guys can suggest me to discuss? Is talking about Enron & Sarbanes Okley is a good topic? or maybe about America recession because of credit crunch, etc?

I will have my interview this tuesday, therefore I really hope that I can actually prepare the best for this big day.

Thank your all. Hope that you guys have some more tips for my first interview :slight_smile:


Have you seen the [[KPMG]] wiki profiles on WikiJob? These detail the interview process for KPMG graduate interviews in the UK. Australian KPMG interviews may not be the same, but at any rate, reading these profiles will help in your interview preparation.

Yes they probably will ask you about current industry [[commercial awareness]] issues. Have a look at these articles on [[Sarbanes-Oxley Act|Sarbanes-Oxley]], the [[Credit crunch effect on audit|credit crunch]] and this general article on preparing for [[commercial awareness]] questions.

Are you a candidate based in the UK applying to KPMG Australia or an Australian candidate applying to KPMG? Any feedback you can provide after your interviews would be fantastic. Good luck!


Thank you for your comment, Redsuperted. I will have a look at the Sarbanes-Oxley & Credit Crunch. I an currently live in australia and applying for the summer vacation program with KPMG. Unfortunately, I am not a native, therefore I have to be very prepared in order to be success in this interview.

Wish me luck for this Tuesday :slight_smile:

If anyone have any more tips, please add in this topic =)

Thank you


Have a look at this post too:


I actually didn’t have a first interview; I got fast tracked due to ‘excellent’ results but I have my doubts. More likely it was due to the fact the job was starting soon!

I did speak with a few people who did have first round interviews and I got the feeling that they just read questions from a script and flows a lot less like a conversation than what a partner interview may be like. They’re just going to test you for competencies so make sure you know what they are and can give clear examples of situations where you displayed these competencies.

Also they seem more focused towards commercial awareness questions though don’t quote me on that.