Hewlett Packard round 1 interview



have a telephone interview for HP consultancy next week and cant find ANYTHING about this! Their site doesnt even havre the competencies they look for so unsure how to prepare!

Does anyone have any advice of where i can get more info or if they themselves have been throught the process



The Hewlett Packard site is awful! …spelling mistakes all over the place, massive lack of info, and to top it off they even state they’re having major issues with their application system. Not a great thing for the world’s largest IT organisation to admit they can’t sort their graduate careers microsite!

‘’‘Thegreatdebate’’’ - this might help:

“’‘HP are looking for candidates who exhibit initiative, problem solving capabilities, good interpersonal skills, leadership potential and a good knowledge of the firm.’’”

“’‘HP are also looking for evidence of: creativity, a sense of humour, enthusiasm for change, passion for IT (commitment to career), independent drive and candidates who are customer focused.’’”

See - ‘’‘NEW PROFILE’’’ - [[Hewlett Packard (HP) Interview Questions]].


Hey cheers for that text, where did u get it from couldnt find it anywhere!

Yeh i agree their recruitment is quite unclear, for example i started my app and hadnt submitted, but somehow they had accessed my cv and rang me to arrange a phone interview and i still havent completed the form! Plus the women who rang was foriegn/outsourced, so interview will be interesting!


hi when the walkin will be der in hp looking for a job