Hewitt assessment day


Can anyone share their experience with Hewitt assessment day?


Has anyone applied for an actuarial graduate role at Hewitt?


I applied last year, but no any feedback

Irina, you applied this year?


Yes, I applied last Thursday and after just a few hours they called me to invite me to a numercal test, telling me to take it on that day precisely, which I did. The next day, Friday, they called me to attend an assessment day next Wednesday. So, I’m a bit overwhelmed and I could do with some advice…


anyway, good luck to you Irina

do not so nervous, normally we could not prepare AC. and very little people shared Hewitt AC experience, compared with big four. so, just keep clam. good luck!


Can anyone share their experience of AC for Hewitt… I have mine next week…


Hi guys, seems a few people have had AC now for Sept 2010 intake?

Could you please share your experience?

Hope it went well!



The day is quite intense in my opinion. I don’t remember in much detail as I attended it back in october.

You’ll have a numerical exercise, which is completely different from the online test you’ve done…and the time pressure was very intense. Then they divided us in two groups and they set us up for the debate…they say which group will propose the motion and which group will argue against it. You must already know the subject of the debate, if you’ve been invited for the AC.

Then you have to discuss with your group what everyone will say in the debate…here they assess you on how you interact with the others and how you collaborate as a team. I think this lasts about 20 minutes.

Then I think we had the lunch with a presentation of the firm and so on - very nicely organised.

After that I had the written exercise…you’ll have some reading to do and to come up with a proposal at the end. There’s a lot to analyse and again the time pressure was high. Then I had my interview, which is mainly based on the application form and some knowledge about issues in pensions etc.

Then I had to prepare the presentation based on the subject in the written exercise, and I had to argue about what I have wrtitten in the prposal. Here you have about 20 min to prepare, I was given a laptop (if I wanted - it’ll be your choice really), and then you have to deliver your presentation in front of 2 assessors. I think here, even if you haven’t finished your proposal in the written exercise you can include additional details in your presentation.

The last exercise was the debate - where we had to talk for 5 minutes each (if I remember correctly) and bring arguments and so on. If you’ve done debates before, then you know the rules and you’ll be fine (I hadn’t done one before). The main idea is that you have to ask questions when the other team is speaking (when it is allowed to do so), and you also have to be aware that while you’re speaking the other team will interrupt you and will question what you say.

Hope this helps. Good luck.