Hertfordshire County Council


Does anyone know what the interview / assessment center process is like for the hertfordshire county council management scheme ?? any help would be appreciated!!



Has anyone heard back from this?


Nope! have u heard back?


Nope they said the second week of February which has passed.


Has anyone had their expenses and feedback back from this?

I have been chasing them since February they are completely and utterly useless.


It seems like they’ve dropped the reimbursement this year :frowning:

Have you got any tips on how to prepare for an interview and what to expect on the day?

They told me the interivew is going to be competency based and I’m fine with that. But they are also talking about some “knowledge questions” - can someone help me with that one?

Is the interview the only stage in the recruitment process or will the assessment centre follow? They deleted all the info from their website and I can’t even go back to check it.

Cheers! :slight_smile:



I have an interview upcoming with HCC for the Management Graduate role, after discussions with HCC recruitment, they have advised its just an interview initially and if successful an assessment centre shall follow.

I assumed it would only be an interview - lol - thought to cut costs HCC would do by with just one round, obviously not!

Re - expenses, I hope they reimburse, who advised they wont be reimbursing this year?

Re - Interview/Questions - assuming these to be based on local government issues, so just read up on whats happening, also general news i.e. brush up on whats happening in the commercial world.

Let me know how it goes!



Sorry for a late reply. As I said, there is no reimbursement for the interview round.

How did your interview go? When was it?
I was quite happy with mine, however, the competition is extreme!!! So fingers crossed that both of us will be lucky! :slight_smile:

To be honest, I was quite surprised when I heard that this year they are running an AC as well :slight_smile:

Let me know about your progress :slight_smile:

Take care!



Thanks! My interview went really well, it was last week and it was simply an intensive competency/general knowledge based interview.

We hear back this week, 252 inital applications, short-listed to 52 and 12 invited for the AC followed by 4 being offered the positions (it does say 5 in the advertisement but this was an error!).

Good luck and keep me posted.



Well, I got an email today saying that on this occasion I wasn’t lucky with my application. I’m quite devastated as I was really keen on this job. I tried to ask for a constructive feedback, however, got emailed back that due to the large number of applications there are unable to provide any details.

Hopefully you will be more lucky than me :slight_smile: Check your email, maybe they have already sent you something! :slight_smile:
Let me know :slight_smile:


I went for this the previous year and they were a complete joke. It took me months for me to get my expenses back and I never got any feedback as to why I never got the job. Oh well I have a better one now.



Thanks guys for the update.

nagabunda - I received a phone call last week noting that I had got through to the AC stage. Am sorry the news was not positive for you; fingers crossed it all goes well for me and am sure you’ll find something soon!

hellohello - I think the HCC process has changed a little this year, we were initially shortlisted to first round interview (from 252 applications to 52 applicants) and now 12 have been shortlisted (from 52 interviewed) for the 2 day AC stage. If you can, can you please shed further light on the activities involved when you attended this stage; am assuming it to comprise of numerical/verbal reasoning tests, group exercise, presentation and interview. If you can please expand on the issues involved and tips this would be very much appreciated.



Hello A.A

Where did you get the information about the numbers of candidates? I’m really surprised if it is actually the case that there are 4 post when it stated 5.

I also got through to the AC at the end of the month, I have never attended an AC before and am trying to prepare a bit blind at the moment.

Still waiting on the letter they said they would send out confirming all the details etc, I want to know if they will be providing meals / accom!


Hey L.S

I was advised after my initial interview on the next process in the recruitment stage. I agree in the advertisement it states 5 but this is ALWAYS subject to change and nothing is ever concrete when it comes to recruitment be it in the public or private sector. So there is a 1 in 4 chance of being selected.

The AC as you know is 2 days so shall be intensive based activites spread over the two days, am not precisely sure which activities shall be incorporated but am assuming what I noted above.

I was advised that details of the AC shall be sent by email by end of close today, so fingers crossed this shall be the case. Its very unlikely that they shall be providing free accommodation/meals, this shall be at our own expense and if HCC’s budget enables them to reimburse they shall.

Keep me updated if you have any further news and hope to see you on the 28th.



I must confess that my information at all points up to the present date that I have received from manpower has been inconsistent with what has actually happened. i.e. I was informed the recruitment process was interview only!
I was also told to expect a letter confirming AC details but i guess that I will await an email instead. I’ll let you know when I receive any correspondance.


I’m also through to the AC but still haven’t had any emails/letters to confirm anything yet. Has anyone else had any further contact with manpower since the interview?


I just spoke with Manpower and they are still awaiting details from HR regarding the AC, there should be emails sent by the end of this week.


Had an email through today;

To complete the following;

SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire and Numerical/Verbal Reasoning tests by next week - I assumed these would be paper based as part of the 2 day AC, guess not!

Good Luck


Gotta love those SHL Tests, they were harder than any practice papers I had done and for that reason are my number 1 candidate for room 101! haha



Fairplay, I agree they were tough!!

Room 101; maybe throw AC’s in there - lol