Help with online application form for HP UK internship


Hi guys

Has anyone who has UK education filled in the HP Intership application form?

I am trying to fill in the online form for a HP internship here in the UK and I am having problems with filling in the Education part of the application form due to their system only letting you choose American qualifications. For example they are asking for grade point average earned out of total grade point average possible, while my university is using the British undergraduate degree classification. When I enter my predicted grade (which is a first) it then tells me I have put an invalid input so I’m stuck in the section as I don’t know what to enter.

Also, I dont know the equivalent US qualifications for my qualifications, are GCSEs equivalent to a high school diploma? and what about A levels? Do they even have an equivalent qualification , since the US doesnt have A levels.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.