Help with Interview Question: Dealing with multiple projects


If an Interviewer asked me: if you have more than one project and all of them have deadline and you need to follow up on all and make sure to complete all within the given time, how you are going to do that ?


First clarify if all of them really have the same deadline. Are people just asking for a date that suites them rather than when they REALLY need it. Once that’s confirmed and assuming that it’s impossible to do all the projects in the timeframe, investigate getting some additional help on the project. More resources may help. If that’s impossible, you’ll need to compromise. You might seek advice from your boss or ask them to help mediate in the situation. Ultimately someone will need to decide which project is more important, if this was at senior levels that might mean asking the CEO for an opinion.


The reality is, you would be utilising some form of tracking mechanism to ensure you are staying on track. This can be as simple as a spreadsheet which highlights issues by perhaps identifying as ‘red’ cells. Rather than thinking about ‘this is what I would do’, try to recall situations where you have had to deal with multiple tasks/projects in real life. It may be that your course work would be helpful as an example, OR, perhaps a work experience. Bottom line is - we all experience this in life/work from time to time - we just don’t necessarily think about it in the format of an interview question. Best!