Help with Diagrammatical Reasoning Test Questions.......


Hi All,

I thought it’d be a good idea to share these questions with everyone. These questions have been puzzling me for a couple of days and it’s really helpful to hear what you guys reckon are the correct answers.



Any ideas guys?


question 2 is C,

i am working on it as it type this give me sometime


question 3 I am pretty sure it is D,

first the arrow has to be pointing down that i am certain, so it has to be either , A or D,

Next the square moves from bottom left , top left ,top right, , BOTTOM RIGHT, bottom left

so yeah D

pretty sure unless someone can come up with a better answer.


Agree, my take; EAD don’t know D don’t know


1 = E (60% confidence level),
2 = C (80% confidence level),
3 = D (80% confidence level)


jobless, not sure if I understand you , can you elaborate?


I doubt my own answers, but something is better than nothing.
Question 1 = We agree
Question 2 = A, because for every 2 boxes/screen shots across (from left to right), the direction of the arrows stay the same and one triangle stays moving on the LHS and the other moves on the RHS. So you analyse one whole box, forget the next one, and compare it to the 2nd whole box after it. You will see the pattern and vice versa sucessively. Do you understand? I mean it’s quite hard to describe in writing as you can see.
Question 3 = We agree
Question 5 = D, think of it as if no square changed colour and no square is added and taken away. It looks as though the entire sequence shows that the tail breaks down and forms back to the tail again. Only one square changes a position at each screen shot, with each one moving to LHS forming a box in the middle screenshot.

If anyone can shed some light on my answers please do. My answers probably make it even more confusing than anything else.