help with decision


I have recently accepted an offer from a small firm and now i have just received a better one. What should I do to make it as fair as possible to inform the first firm that I would not join them… difficult as I was the only person to receive the offer for a place in the training scheme. It was the only place…

I should not have accepted it at the first place… please help how i could approach this issue… thanks a lot



Hi Londonbloke!

Tough one!! I think the best advice I can give is to tell them frankly and as soon as possible so that they can give it to the next best person. You will show your honesty and integrity by telling them the truth.
However, make sure that you have everything in place for the other offer because what you don’t want to happen is tell the small firm that you prefer someone else and the other firm does the same to you. Be very careful would be my advice!! Hope this helps!


Get the better offer all signed up in writing etc then withdraw from the first offer.
Sadly we are in a tough commercial world and these things happen and the small firm is not naive. It’s a buyers’ market for grad recruiters at the moment and they’ll soon fill that one place.


PS: You have to look after YOUR best interests. Having said that I’m sure you’ll be very polite and apologetic etc when withdrawing your offer.


Make sure you let the first firm know that you are “reluctantly” deciding not to progress your application further with them, only after “careful consideration”…