Help with certain competency questions - PwC first round


I have an interview coming up with PwC, and there’s one question that’s bugging me…

“Tell me about a management style that you don’t like”

Does anybody have any advice on how to answer this question? I can’t even think of what the different management styles are?

Any help would be much appreciated


I had my first round telephone interview for PwC yesterday and they didn’t ask me anything along these lines. They did ask:
Why Assurance?
Business Issue
When have I found myself in an unexpected situation at work and how did I deal with it?
When have I set myself developmental goals and what was the result?
Team work example

Can’t recall any others at the min, it only lasted 25 minutes!
I guess if I got asked something about management style I would try and discuss something I has experience with, maybe just an experience with a manager when they did something you weren’t sure about and how you responded? I would have thought PwC would try and put a positive spin on the question as well, rather than asking you what you don’t like, it would be more like ‘when have you experienced a situation of conflict with a superior and what was the outcome?’
Good luck, not sure I have been of any use here but I’ve tried :slight_smile:


Hi Christalline and bbbabybel

I have my first round interview next week and was wondering if you could give me some examples of the questions you were asked?

Thanks in advance! :)X