HELP!- What exactly is involved in working as a performance improvement consultant at PwC (PriceWaterhouseCooper)


Hi everyone,
I know it seems a silly question but despite reading the whole PwC website and everything I could google I still only know the mantras of PIC, ie helping firms in transformation, to create value manage risk etc. However, what will I actually be doing working day to day in pursuit of these aims, is it all spreadsheets/databases, research(gathering data), or is modelling and so forth? Do you get to interact with clients or are you stuck behind a desk number crunching? I have an interview coming up and I need to know a) if I really want to go into this stream of consulting and b) how to answer the recurring question of what I expect to be doing within my 1st yr.
I am to put it mildly slightly nervous about going into an interview concerning a job which seems to possess a somewhat mythical element lol
Many thanks in advance


Hi LiveWest,

How did your interview for PWC - Performance Improvement Consulting go? I am on the final round now and will be having a partner interview followed by numeracy, verbal and a case study test… Any tips?



hi R1 how did your interview go? Did you apply for the january 2010 intake? i was told that they will not held interviews before November 2009…


Hey guys, I have a phone interview tomorrow late evening for management consulting (for jan 2010) & was wondering if you could kindly give some cues (on this forum or private message me, whichever you prefer) onto what questions were set up for the grilling? I am told they stress on keeping it an enjoyable experience. I could not find any posts on this forum about pwc management consulting interview for the first stage as most deal with audit, assurance and tax. How long was the interview itself? any advice in general would be much appreciated.

Hope you all 3 of you got through the AC and the subsequent offer by now :slight_smile:


H cka,

The phone interview lasts 20-30 min and the interviewer was very friendly. Make sure you have some examples prepared for each of the pwc competencies, you find them on the web site. They will ask you to provide an example of when you have managed multiple deadlines, when you were given feedback and how you reacted, when you were working on something and in the middle of the projects the requirement changed, when you had to work out of your comfort zone, etc etc. They will follow the pwc competencies (share and collaborate, etc etc). Make sure you answer using the STAR approach (situation, target, action, result). They also will ask you what do you think you will be doing as an analyst.

Just make sure you have a good reception and that you can hear the interviewer well. He/she will ask you at the beginning if you prefer to switch to another number.

Good luck!


Thanks giapanyo, for your help in allaying my worries and for the luck. Wonder if anyone here has had any experience of the PWC consulting assessment centre partner interview since they probably will start in November. If any of my friends had done it in previous year, I’ll post it here to give ppl more familiarity with the process.