Help - Want to work in Technology division of Investment Bank


Hi guys. I have two offers, one from a Big 4 accounting firm for IT Audit and another from a high-street Retail bank for Technology graduate programme. A few years down the line I would like to move into the Technology division of an Investment bank, probably after doing an MBA. I wanted to know as to which offer will increase my chances to get into investment banking.

The IT Audit experience will also earn me an ACA qualification, but the Technology program in the Retail bank will give me a good technical experience in IT. I am very much confused in this regard as I have heard that people have a better chance to get into investment banking with an ACA. But is the ACA qualification also beneficial if I am looking to get into Technology division, that’s the biggest confusion for me.

Which offer would you guys advise me to take given my circumstances.


Nobody??? :stuck_out_tongue:


@ What-a-banker

Thanks a lot for replying. Yes, the retail bank that I got an offer from also has an Investment banking wing. Also, the bank will most likely sponsor me for a qualification like CISA or Prince 2, which I am interested in. I am just wondering if the investment banks look only for experience at other Investment banks, or do they view Retail Bank experience positively as well. I defenitely hope they do :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I also am slightly biased towards the Retail Bank offer as of now. But still I am keeping my options open and chatting with people in the banking sector before making the all important decision.

Many thanks for the reply mate.

Suggestions from others is welcome :slight_smile:


Breaking into an IB from either of your options will be tough. Nevertheless, I would go with the retail experience. It’ll give you a good feel of the firm and probably be the most relevant experience.


for technology i used to be so well rounded
but now i tip toe on pe’s boundaries