Help! UBS telephone interview!


Does any one can give me some information about the UBS telephone interview ? Thank you so much~!


Hope it went well, just had mine a few days ago, quite special for being a HR interview



why was it quite special?


Hi, how long did they get back to you after telephone interview?


Has anyone heard back post telephone interview for GCM?


I had mine for Finance about two weeks ago but still havent heard back. When did you have yours? I think HRs are busy kicking people out recently.


I don’t have much hope for a large intake to be honest. I had mine last Friday… reputation hasn’t been done any good with it, but I still wouldn’t reject an offer.


I had mine ages ago but still waiting the result. Let me know if you hear back. Cheers


Hi, I took my online tests 10 days ago and haven’t heard back from them…how long did it take you guys until you hear from them ?


no news and i applied for ficc =(


Rejected post-interview. No email but checked online and it says ‘Rej - Manager Review (automated response)’

Not really surprised since I applied for GCM. Good luck to the rest of you.


hi, where do you check the status? Could you please send me the link, thank you very much!


I checked and the HR status suggest: Assessment, but I think it means telephone interview. So I think they still haven’t decide yet…which is pretty frustrated coz I had my telephone interview nearly A MONTH ago…


Well at least it’s still on for you. To check just log on and go to job submission or something like that


I Applied for UBS finance position Singapore location in early September and took the tests within a day of applying. My Application status is " Application complete" since that and it is almost 2 months now. can someone say what this means? From my third week onwards my semester exams will start and I am clueless. Help!


I will be having my phone interview early next week.

Any advice on what type of questions that they would ask?

Many thanks!


Depends on the role and region. It will be for 30 to 40 mins . If it is for a graduate role, it will be little intense. How did they communicate to you on the phone interview -by mail or by phone> Thanks in advance.


Hey nlr3169, they contacted me through email. I applied for a graduate role in SG. Do you have any idea what type of questions they will be asking?


I had a telephone interview for internship position - Infrastructure analyst last year for SG as well. It was more on data analysis , programming concepts etc and very little on why banking kinda thing. I did not make it to the AC. This year i have applied for Graduate position-Finance and did my online tests long back on sep 1st and it was pretty easy. My application status still is " Application complete" . may i know which division you have applied for in SG location?


SG Finance here also…