Help! UBS telephone interview question!


Does any one can give me some information about the UBS telephone interview ? Thank you so much~!


even i have applied for UBS 2012 singapore summer internship program on 26th says my application is in review.Not heard from them for telephonic interview yet. By the way when did u apply and when is yr tele interview.Thanks in advance



I have had my telephone interview and it lasted for 10 minutes.

I got asked 5 competency questions:

  1. What attracts you into banking?
  2. What attracts you to the division you applied for?
  3. What is your greatest achievement? (cannot use the same example you used in application form)
  4. What quality do you need to be a successful person in the division?
  5. Tell me a recent development a business is going through.

They did not give you chance to ask questions and asked if you would be free for AC in a selected date. You will get an email very quickly telling you if you have been successful or not.

Good luck with your interview!


Thank you kingsley for the valuable input.Great. Can u share what your answer was for the Last questions pertaining to recent development please. Also kindly let me if you took the online programming concepts test and after how many days you got this telephone interview? I took the programming tests yesterday i have done it fairly ok. I took more than 40 mins though UBS said it may take an average of 20 mins and I am not quite sure if my answers were correct. Thanks in advance for reply


Kingsley what position did you apply for