Help - To accept GT or not

Grant Thornton

Hi guys,

I’m new to the forum and am not sure if I should be posting this here, but hopefully its on right tracks…

Ok basically, I’ve already graduate and am currently on a retail banking graduate scheme.
I’m really not enjoying the scheme at the moment and am struggling to see where my future lies in the retail bank
(other than in a branch - which i don’t like the idea of much).

I’ve been lucky enough to secure an offer from Grant Thornton for audit in london, starting sep 2012.

Now my current thinking is; retail banking scheme - relatively dead end, GT audit - lots of opportunities in finance sector in the future.

Does this reasoning seem fair? Or am I too pessimistic about the retail bank and too optimistic about GT?

Do I leave the retail bank and take up the GT offer? I know if i’m not currently happy so its probably the right thing to do,
but it’s a bit scary and I don’t know if i’m making a mistake leaving the bank…

Any words of advice would be much appreciated.



I dont think retail banking is a dead end. If you dont enjoy it then maybe its a good idea to take up the job at GT, as long as your sure youll enjoy audit more


Hey, thanks for your reply.

The retail banking scheme seems fairly dead end - all the placements are either in branch or in call ‘contact’ centres. I can’t really see where the programme is going - it doesn’t help that we’re not told where our next placement is or what it will be (It can be literally anywhere in the UK) until the last minute. The organization just seems terrible.

With the GT programme there is a set career path over the 3 years, you get an ACA and from there you could carry on at the firm or move to pretty much any other firm with a finance department.

It just seems as if there’s a lot more options at the end of it… I dunno!

I appreciate any input anyone has tho!



Hi. One of the main reasons i chose the ACA was exactly because of the doors open after i qualify. It is a great qual, very well respected and you will never stay out of work long with it. On the flip side, this is obviously a huge decision to make and you must be sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. It is extremely hard work and no matter what anyone says it doesn’t really sink in until you have started (i’m 2 months in and it is TOUGH!!). I would talk to someone in retail banking who is more experienced and if you are mainly concerned that you won’t have options then try and find out from someone else what is out there. IF however you don’t like it at all, then your number one priority should be your happiness! just be sure you don’t regret it in the future. Other than that congrats on an offer from an excellent accounting firm and i wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do.

p.s despite it being very hard work i am really enjoying my job (ACA grad scheme) and i know 100% i made the right choice. Just make sure you do too!


Cheers, i think i’m edging towards GT. sniper290 I Pm’d you asking a few questions to do with ACA etc hope you don’t mind!

Any further advice very welcome.