HELP!!! telephone interview with BAT


Does anyone now how much does the BAT pay for the graduate programme in Operations in UK ?

Also, does anyone know anything about BAT AC?


Any update from anyone? anyone got invited for any AC or had any contact from BAT or the recruitment company? or if you’ve been to any AC, which one was that? and please do provide any further details etc if you do not mind.


hello guys

I 'm from Azerbaijan. I applied for BAT MT program. i passed psychometric testing. now i have to take phone interview. The problem is a got a-mail. they wrote “Please confirm.
We will contact you by the phone, please specify the number we should dial.”
But they didn’t tell me how to confirm. Do you have any idea about this…
please help me.


I have a AC in may, can anyone help in letting me know what is involved? What kind of tasks? I need to prepare ASAP


HI! i am from Kazakhstan and i’ve just passed through the telephone interview. I apllied for marketing department and below is what i was asked:

describe your personal ans professional strenghts
describe your weaknesses, How you work on your weaknesses.
did you ever work in a team? give particulat example. What was your role. What was difficult, how did you manage it? examples of failure, why it happened?

what is the biggest goal you achieved in your life?
why you want to work in marketing?
why decided to join for program and not to regular position?

name major competitor of BAT, name several brands of BAT, what is particular challenge in tobacco industry.

the lady spoke really fast, several times I asked her to repeat.
Advice: don’t try to folloow her speech speed and stay calm to give well-structured answers


they will call you on the number you specified in on-line application and ask if they should dial the same number for telephone interview. If yes - confirm, if no - tell them another one.

They called me a week after promissed. Stay calm and make sure your mobile is always on.


Hi, am from Kenya, i have just received an email from BAT telling me i have a telephone interview next week. Please someone guide me on the questions. Mine is Finance Graduate Trainee


How did the interview go


Hi, Grace! I honestly don’t have clear memories of that day since it was 6 years ago.
I did not pass. But questions were common - your strenghts, your weaknessess, your victories and achievements, where do you see yourself in 5 years… but who knows… may be over 6 years questions have changed


Hi Cyrus, I just did my telephone and I need some tips on the AC. Please help me and I will be grateful


Hi… Ive just done the culture questionnaire and cognitive test, My HR status is a dash. Im waiting for the telephone interview. How long did it take you to be called for the telephone interview and how do I know if I passed the cognitive test?


Hi Grace, I applied for the graduate trainee programme at BAT for 2016. I have done the culture test and the cognitive test. I am waiting for the telephone interview. My HR status shows a dash, so I don’t know if I have passed or not. Are you currently doing the same this year?


Hi Stichez. I am in the recruitment process for this year 2016, in Kenya. I have done the culture test and the cognitive test. My HR status shows a dash. So I dodnt know if ill be called for the telephone interview. how long did it take you to be called for the telephone interview after the online tests?


I know this comment is abit outdated but am also very interested in learning what kind of questions are likely to be asked


Hi guys…Anyone since the cognitive tests called to set up the telephone interview at BAT…Thought they should/have called guys by now…The recruitment Kenya was 4 months tops.


Hi Vickie…Is dash the same as initial review…mine is the latter…after the questionnaire and cognitive test.


halloo guys, i passed the online tests in February.could anyone tell me what is the next step after the online tests ??


The telephone interviews were next…any word on them…


@Malcolm,they called me last week to confirm some details from my CV,they didn’t specify when the telephone interview will be held


I think u’re a step ahead…I think they are recruiting in tranches…some marketing graduate as early as feb had the telephone interview-courtesy of glassdoor-I chose finance line…you.