HELP!!! telephone interview with BAT


I am having a telephone interview from BAT (british american tobacco) the day after tommorrow…it is a finance graduate programme…anyone who has done the interview? could you give me some advice about it? what sort of questions will be asked?
millions of thanks


i already had one for marketing. it’s a competency based interview so they will ask u to describe all sort of situations that will prove that u have certain skills: leadership, team player, decisive, innovative, flexible but persistent etc.
might be something additional for finance…

basically think about stories from ur life- at univerisity or from previous job… the questions will be e.g.:
-did u have a conflict in a team. what did u do and what was the result?
-did u improve some process or an example of innovation u came up with?
-situation in ur life when u had some goal. how did u reach it? did u have any difficulties?
-when u had to give or u were given a feedback. what was that, how did u feel, what did u do?
-how do u deal with a problem?
-tell me about a situation u had to make a difficult decision.
-whats ur biggest success?

and of course- check out the market - brands, sub-brands, producers (who owns which brands) and trends and which brands compete with each other. some basic knowledge. i was asked - what are the challenges in this particular industry. They will ask u also questions about ur competencies in finance- think what are the basic things u should know.

remember about the structure of ur answers: first describe a situation, describe what were u suppose to do, then what u did and finish with the result.

check if ur cell batery is full :slight_smile: and u have a good connection in the place u sit.

be cheerful and confident - that also maters:)
good luck!


Thank you so much !!!


no problem:) let me know how it went and if u had some untypical or difficult questions.
good luck!


thank you so much!!! you are so sweet :slight_smile:


Hi xidal,
How was your interview? Do you remember who was the interviewer? (someone from BAT or Hudson)


Hi everyone! I also have a phone interview tomorrow, I’m getting pretty nervous…anyhow, does anyone know about the next step, the assessment center?
Good luck!


not good…actually…
i am afraid i do not remember where the interviewer is from…sorry about that…but it was a lady…and she was very nice…


hey believe yourself … do not be nervous…the interviewer s very nice…good luck:)


Thank you for your answer, I’m sure yours went well!


Maybe it’s a bit late to share… the first round telephone interview was conducted by Hudson. I believe the interviewer would be British… at least the one I encountered.

I consider my interview not really successful as i was way too nervous – yet I received another letter for an “additional 30-minute interview” due to “large number and high calibre of applications for the International Management Trainee Programme this year”. I’m not sure if every applicant has received this or they have done some filtering?

And anyone has whatsoever idea for this interview?



I received the same mail so i don’t know if they have filtered yet. I wish you good luck Angeline!


Same here - I received an email today as well - ANy idea how many vacancies they have for Finance Programme. Have they advised the time slots to anyone regarding this new phase of interview.

Good Luck to everyone.


I received a phone call from them yesterday to book the time slot… so keep an eye on your mobile/ landline!

Is everyone here applying for the position OUTSIDE the UK?

Good luck to everyone too!


Hi Angeline

Thanks for the update - got the phone call today. Its for Finance programme.

Any idea what areas would be covered in the interview? Did they highlight anywhere how many people they will take?

Good Luck


Hi everyone,

I wanted to know whether everyone applying to for BAT are EU nationals?



This is what their requirements page say - I guess.


Hello — for the vacancies they have you can call the number provided in the email, the lady was really nice to answer the questions.

I guess you dont have to be EU national but you definitely need legal working right for the country you applied – I am not EU national myself, and still in the running… hope it helps!


Hi Guys,

I had the second telephone interview yesterday. If anyone hears back about the outcome of this interview please let me know.

Apparently, final round is in Budapest :smiley: Sounds incredible!!

Good luck, if you are still to face the interview.


i have a 2nd telephone interview this monday.

bhattc3 - what division did you apply to?

anyone applied to the operations department?