Help! sungard help!


I have an offer from SUNGARD for their London office. I know SUNGARD is a more technological company but this is as a consultant role. The role is as a treasury management consultant inside their corporate banking area. This is inside the banking division in Financial Systems. Even though it could be a good company for IT people it might not be for consultants… as even though i will learn a lot of treasury/accounting/IT, the role will scope mainly the products sungard sells to manage treasury… this could affect me going to another company in a future as I specialise on sungard’s products… Also, it would involve travelling Monday - Wednesday / Thursday to other countries in Europe, doing that EVERY week… which could be very interesting but also very hardcore.
I currently have a job as a management consultant in a much smaller company but as a management consultant I don’t really specialise in anything as I would with SUNGARD treasury. Having said that my actual role is completely secure and i am used to it, feel safe and with sungard could be out of place as don’t really have treasury experience. I feel like sungard is a jump upwards in name, salary and specialization. But I am doubtful of what I might find in SUNGARD as a “consultant” (what actually is behind finding a bigger name, bigger salary, travelling every week…).
Does anybody know someone who worked as a consultant for SUNGARD? How tough is SUNGARD? What can I expect? how is consulting for sungard? Has anybody got an opinion if i should stay as management consultant or jump into treasury consultancy (even though it would be dealing with sungard products and that might cut off progression into other companies)? Does anybody know systems “Quantum/Risk” or “Sierra”? I need to know soon as I have to choose in a few days… PLEASE HELP!!!


Please could you let me know if you accepted the offer ? or you get any info as I am in the same situation like you and I would need some inside feedbacks. Please help.