HELP! Signed a contract but had better offer

Mazars LLP

I was interviewing for a small company and Mazars at roughly the same time. Had an offer from the small company and Mazars informed me they were putting me on hold until after the rest of their interviews. The small company were putting pressure on me to accept, so I did, because as far as I was concerned Mazars could still be a yes or no. I’ve signed the contract and sent it back to them.

Mazars have today offered me a job, of which I have to make me decision by tomorrow. I want to say yes, I want this job so much more.

Am I going to get myself in a legal mess cos I’ve signed the contract? I am due to start work with the small company on 1 sept. The small company has nothin in my cotract about terminating it before I actually start. It just says I am required to give 2 weeks notice whilst in my probationary period, which technically hasnt started.

Any advice???


I did the same thing earlier in the recruitment cycle. I just wrote a kind email to the smaller firm explaining that my circumstances had changed and as such nolonger wanted the job. My uni careers service say most companies have a reserve pool so aslong as you tell them ASAP it shouldnt be a problem. good luck


I think it should fine. The last thing they want to do is recruit someone who thinks they could have got a better deal elsewhere. I’m sure they’ll let you off without any problem whatsoever- it happens.


Thank your for your comments, i think i was after reassurance that i was going to be okay, which is great, cos you guys have made me feel better.

I’ve got my offer letter through from mazars yesterday, so i’m going to make the phone call to the smaller company tomorrow. I think i feel bad, cos its a smaller company, i feel as though i’m really letting them down, especially as i’m lettin them know a week before i was due to start but i suppose both vacancies were late ones and the last interviews were not that long ago. Feel so nervous about makin the phone call but will just have to be confident in what i say!