Help re offers: Rothschild Paris vs. HSBC London (M&A)


Hey people, need help deciding on offers.

I received offers from Rothschild (Paris, Generalist M&A) and HSBC (London, STG ie M&A). Which would you go for?

Food for thought:

  • League table/prestige: Rth ranks better than HSBC this year (Rth in top 10, HSBC in top 20). From what I could read around, Rth has better M&A brand name in Europe, although my former staffer from when I was an intern disagrees and says HSBC London is better than Rth Paris
  • International/emerging markets: HSBC is more global, just in terms of sheer size, although league tables again rank Rth higher. But HSBC definitely has this strong emerging markets focus, and I
  • Business range: much wider at HSBC obviously, more resources, ie wider opportunities?
  • Location: London >>> Paris in my opinion. I definitely don’t want to work in France later on, would really enjoy working in say Hong Kong or LatAm or even the US if I can manage

Overall, I’d much rather work in London, but should I just suck it up and start out in Paris and move to London or elsewhere in a few years (even within the firm)? How do you think the two compare in terms of exit opportunities at BB in London?


PS: for those of you who have questions re interview process, don’t hesitate to PM me


Seems to me that you already know the answer to your question - HSBC. Both offers are great, you can keep on comparing the banks as much as you want but at the end of the day you have to consider where you would feel better when outside the office. That would inevitably affect your performance on the job…And as you said, HSBC is more global so if you wanna go to LatAm or Asia it would be much easier:)

Anyways, congrats on the offers!

Oh, and I am guessing the pay is the same…?



Rothschild no brainer, brand reputation

if you dont like working in France, why did you apply for their Paris office?

could you share a little bit more about your background?


Right, should have mentioned that but didn’t want to make it the focal point and wanted to keep it neutral: I interned at Rth’s Paris office for six months (they don’t do return offers but rather invite you back in if they like you for another two rounds of interviews). I went to university in France and will graduate at the end of the year.
Work- and training-wise it’s great, definitely learned a lot, but I don’t particularly enjoy working in Paris in an uber French environment. I could do it, and I definitely enjoyed the people I worked with so that wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but I really wanted to start out in London as I’d rather build an international career.
(Oh yeah and the hours are among the worst ever, although that I can take rather easily… Rth is well known for making you work your ass off, at least in Paris, so I’m guessing that’s a good selling point later on for lateral recruiting)


Oh and base salary is c.10% better at Rth (I can’t give specifics as HR asked me to keep it on the down low, they are raising junior pay in January but haven’t announced it yet)


Rothschild Paris hands down. HSBC is virtually non-existent in M&A. Rothschild has been the league topper (UK + W.Europe) for several years now




I would go RS if I had the chance.