Help please


I’m applying for the PWC tax scheme at the moment and getting a little puzzled by one of the questions on the application form. It’s the last part of the understanding of PWC question. ie:

What commercial/industry issues are affecting this client in the business market that should be taken into account when a providing them with advice?

The company I’ve chosen is a big retail company but I’m not sure what the question is asking.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.



That whole question is a bit confusing.

You need to look at any wider issues in the business environment that might be affecting your chosen client. It’s probably easiest to understand with a couple of simple examples:

  1. The economy as a whole is only just recovering from a recession and the effects will still be felt by the company for some time to come. Expand on this a little to apply what this means to your chosen company. Remember also to keep applying your answer to PwC specifically, by which I mean, expand on what the recession means for PwC when providing your customer with advice (e.g. has to keep it limited as X is trying to cut costs, or should be focused on business recovery to help X survive, or should be focused on adding extra value in order to retain or improve it’s customer base etc.)

  2. While the recession is quite a general one which they see in every answer, try your best to come up with something else that is affecting your company more specifically. Just look on some news pages, or search google news for your company.

I hope that helps a little,



Thanks for your help, I wasn’t sure whether was just asking about business issues that may affect the company or ones that would affect PWC, seems the answer really is both.