HELP! Please Really need some advice


HI there,

I graduated last year from a non finance related degree and after LOADS of applications (and LOADS of rejections) I finally started to have a break through with my applications. I recently got an offer for a retail bank management position which i applied to as my backup however I have also gotten through to the last 2 rounds for a BIG4 in corporate finance (which is what i actually want to do) and the final round for a corporate finance program at a smaller accountancy. Now I am in a predicament because the bank has sent me my contract but only given me a forth night to accept and I am still awaiting the interview date for my 2 Corporate finance applications.

Should i Accept the offer an just let the others go, accept and still pursue my other applications or just reject the offer?


My advice: Accept and still pursue other applications


Thank you so much for responding i appreciate it. I have accepted