Help please! - PWC 1th interview - a time I provided feedback and the response was negative?


I will go for pwc first tax interview next week. Thank to this forum I have got some sample questions. But I really got problem with the question of ‘a time I provided feedback and the response was negative’. Couldn’t find any example on this one. Would anybody give me some suggestion/sample scenarios?

And, normally how many questions would them ask for per competence the 1st interview?



Think of times when you’ve had to give criticism of some sort and the person didnt take it well. A lot of people dont take negative feedback well. What the firm’s probably looking for here is the ability to show that you can deal with people diplomatically and defuse a situation, that when someone responds badly to feedback you can ensure that they still take what you’ve said on board and you can make sure it doesn’t become a major issue.

Just think of times when you’ve worked with others and provided feedback/critisism, then try and consider their reaction. Was it always 100% positive, or is there a time when maybe there was a bit of resentment of whatever at what you’d said??

The no of questions you’ll be asked varies. And they’re not always as direct as ‘tell me about a time when’. Just make sure you know the competencies they’re assessing you against inside out and can work them into other questions that arn’t directly quizzing you on that competency.


thank you so much for the information. i m really worried about this interview since i didn’t do well in kpmg’s. Pwc HR told me that they only select some particular competencies to assess during one stage and those particular ones are indicated on website. Unfortunitely i couldn’t find this at all. Any idea about this? Maybe I should call recruitement line and ask?


safest approach would be to prepare examples that cover all competencies

not as hard as it sounds, give it a bit more thought and you’ll find that any one particular experience will tick off at least two or three competencies.


Have you found the bit on the website that talks about the global core competencies? That’s what they assess you against although they focus on some of them specifically st the first interview and others at the AC. I can’t honestly remember which although I know I was definitely told which ones they’d be assessing before the AC, but not before the interview.

As said above, just be prepared to give examples of any of the GCCs. There’s a booklet type thing on their website if I remember correctly which gives examples of the type of situations which might demonstrate each competency. It’s on their graduate site, I think under a link called ‘global core competencies’.

Good luck!


I see. Thank you so much for help.