help on Competency based question


hi, does anybody could give some example on the following competency based question please. i am stuck in the questions and need to have a interview soon.

Working Collaboratively Competency Description:
Develops productive working relationships and effective partnerships with people both within and outside the organisation. Is committed to building constructive and co-operative relationships by drawing out views, listening, empathising and genuinely valuing people. Builds a positive team environment, ensuring the team delivers with focus and confidence.

  1. Describe a situation when you successfully supported a team to work well under challenging circumstances
  2. Describe how you have built relationships with other people in the organisation, outside of your own immediate team

Drive for Results Competency Description:
Sets and achieves challenging personal goals to support organisational success. Demonstrates personal commitment to the wider vision and continuously seeks excellence. Focuses on positive outcomes and demonstrates drive, tenacity and resilience to pressure. Achieves high standards, despite constraints or obstacles.

  1. Describe a situation when you achieved success under challenging circumstances
  2. Describe how you have used your initiative, challenged existing ways of working and achieved a positive improvement

Planning and Organising Competency Description:
Thinks and plans ahead: plans, prioritises, organises and reviews. Ensures that milestones, targets and deadlines are met. Looks ahead: sets objectives, uses resources efficiently and reviews progress.

  1. Describe how you have handled a task that required a significant level of planning and organising.


I’m kinda stuck with these questions as well but I just try to find suitable experiences from my social life, part time jobs and sports etc if ya don’t have much work experience…i think ya just need to be honest and find real examples of your life and show them how ya behaved in these specific situations and that you possess the certain key competencies they are looking for…


First up guys, have you seen the article on [[competency based questions]]. Use the STAR technique to answers these questions - it is helpful in structuring your answers.

Razn - you’re right. Employers don’t expect graduates to have a huge amount of relevant work experience (although if you do it obviously helps) so don’t worry about using examples from part-time work, sports teams, music competitions, drama competitions and academic work/group work, etc. You need to show that you have demonstrated the [[key competencies]] they are looking for in employers for the position you are applying for. If you are trying to explain that you have strong [[leadership]] skills, there is nothing wrong with discussing a time when you lead a sports team to victory - but be specific, explain exactly how and why you did certain things to motivate and develop your team, etc.

Rockwei - results and planning - think about your dissertation or uni work - how you planned this and how good organisation lead to good results.

Good luck people.