help - offered a job in a small practice


hi everyone… i have been offered a job at a small practice 2 weeks ago, i dont no wot to do, they only have 3 staff and only do bookeeping, vat compliance, tax returns etc not business advisory or auditing?

what shall i do i have nothing else, im temping there for a few months starting in two weeks?

is this a bad move for my career, would it look okay on my cv? would it make me more employable… i finished university in 2008.


Do you have a 2.1 and 300 ucas points? If so i certainly wouldnt accept it, do the temping there and get the work experience on your cv then apply to the big4/6 in september (or even now asap as some vacancies are still open at big4). Even with a 2.2 top 20 companies will accept you.