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Hello all,

I am in the process of applying for a tax position with EnY (hopefully it is not too late. I noticed that the position was still open). The questions given are as follows, and i would appreciate it if i could get a critical review of my answers to teh questions.


How do you support others in a team situation? (1000 characters)

I believe one of my strengths, which proves a critical factor in my success in team-based situations, is my ability to empathize and assist other team members achieve their targets. During my time as a volunteer project assistant for XYZ, a youth development-focused NGO in ABC, I worked on a team running a company-sponsored employability training program for university graduates. While my work duties were focused on data collection, analysis and test preparations, I noticed that other program assistants were under a lot of pressure on the day to day running of the program. As a result, I volunteered to take on the responsibility of administrative assistant, responsible for tasks that included preparation of daily training materials, ensuring that participants meals’ were served, and even facilitating scheduled courses in the event other team members were not available. The result was a successfully run program that received commendations from out sponsor company.

Do you seek out challenges to stretch yourself?

I believe challenges are an opportunity to expand my abilities, and I do look for opportunities to test and improve myself. A recent example of this took place during my time as volunteer program coordinator at XYZ, an NGO based in ABC. We partnered with private organizations to provide employability training for university graduates. One particular company asked our organization to produce an employability manual for distribution on university campuses. I volunteered to take the lead in developing the content and material that would go into the manual. This was a very important task with a strict deadline. However I saw this as a chance to improve my writing, presentation as well as project management skills. It required a lot of research and proof-reading and forced me to further develop my critical thinking and creative skills. In the end, I was able to complete the draft of the manual which has undergone editing and is now being used as a tool for basic employability training in Nigeria.

Why can other people rely on you? (1000)

One of my strongest desires is to be trusted and relied upon to perform my duties. As an associate at KPMG, comments that came up during my performance review included my faithfulness and steadiness in completing whatever task I was assigned. Furthermore I was commended for my eagerness and willingness to work and see tasks completed. Apart from my professional career, I have been given commendations by my peers and professors who testify to my willingness and desire to see that I complete tasks assigned. I am currently studying towards my Masters in Finance and was recently assigned a team-based assignment in my Introduction to Investments class that required analysis of a company and putting together of the report. I took on the responsibility of gathering team members’ inputs into a final presentation and report and was commended on completing the tasks adequately and on time. Our team received an A on the project.


Hi Yoruboy, Your answers seems awesome to me. Did your application got selected,
I am also applying for E&Y assurance based in Reading. But I don’t know how to answer these questions bcos the competency questions clearly asks give EXAMPLES to support your answer that too in just 175 words.

What do you suggest shd I stick to your approach and outline jst one example or split up the word count into 87 words each and give two examples of different situations.


I think those are really good answers… except maybe in the third quesiton, you might want to change KPMG to EnY :slight_smile: