Help needed ASAP!



Ive got a last minute interview/assessment day and they have asked me to bring a object to represent my personality and creativeness. What do i take? is this a trick question or is this as straight forward as it seems?


It’s not a trick question - you need to take an object. They’ll most likely ask you to present the object/item to the group at the start of the assessment day - see [[presentation]].

You will have to explain why/how in represents you. It’s essentially an ice-breaker that let’s your assessors find out more about you, how your present and how well you articulate yourself in front of a group of people.

What’s the firm? What item will you take?!


Alton Towers is the company and im thinking of taking a family photo. What do you think?


Anything that you can talk about confidently, passionately and coherently.

Considering the nature of the company - perhaps you should take something a little more exciting? That’s just my perspective though - you may disagree!

What position are you interviewing for?


project manager. what would you suggest?