Help NAO assessment day



I would be very grateful if anyone has any information to offer about the NAO assessment day, although there are some posts I know this year they have slightly changed the process

Any advice would be grately appreciated!!


Hi Rachael

I’ve been through the NAO assessment day and can say that overall it’s fairly relaxed. Unlike other firms you have to meet a set standard to qualify for an offer; therefore you’re not competing with one another.

From my experience the day starts off with an ice breaker (a game of bingo) and then you’re split into two groups. Our first exercise was the group case study which involves you working within a government department. You’re each given different pieces of information and then as a group have to reach a decision as to how the department should react and move forward with this information.

Next was the written report which involved extracting the key pieces of information from a basic audit report. This part did involve some calculations and I would advise researching the audit process as much as possible before the assessment day.

We then had the opportunity to have lunch with current trainees and were given a presentation by some previous NAO graduates.

After lunch you’re given 40 minutes to prepare a 10 minute presentation to a manager. Again you’re given some pieces of information from an upcoming audit and are expected to pick out the key points and say how you would approach the audit.

Finally was the one-on-one interview which was a few competency based questions and then a couple of questions regarding public sector spending. The interview was quite relaxed and after the competency questions I think they’re more interested in learning about you as a person.

Overall I would say the assessment day is one of the best I’ve been to and my one piece of advice would be to learn as much about the audit procedure as possible.

Any questions feel free to PM me.


Hi Shots,

That was a useful post- thanks!

I have my assessment day coming up & was wondering if you provide me some insight into the audit process- what sorts of things do you recommend me learning and understanding?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

P.s. did you receive an offer from NAO ?


Hi Everone,

I have been invited to attend assessment day with NAO on 6th march 2012. Any one else invited for assessment on same day.




Hi Shots,

Thank you for the really useful post! I have an assessment centre coming up soon too and, like abcd1946, would be really grateful if you could tell us more about the extent to which you need to understand the audit process? Are there any particular sources for research that you’d recommend?

Thanks :slight_smile: