Help me choose between 2 internship offers


Hi ! I ve got 2 offers for summer internships and i have no idea which one to choose - actually i dont want to give up any. I will be grateful if you can share some opinions based on your experiences. The first one is Audit in Deloitte ( ONLY 3 WEEKS ). The other one is Finance in a large consumer goods company (PG) for 10 weeks. I have no idea on what actually the 2 positions will involve (different than the flowerly jobs descriptions the companies provide to attract you ) so if you can share some thoughts on that will be great. thanks


I will go for 10 weeks internship and suggest you to go for it. If its not a local company and have a good background repute in market than go for 10 weeks internship. This way you can learn a lot and after that chances of getting hired in the same company or any other will be more.