Help! Marketing Business Start-up


Hello Guys,

Would really appreciate help/advice from any of you regards best methods for marketing. I come from a medical rather than marketing background but have joined a company marketing medical and health products. I am looking to start up my own franchise within the company but wanted advice on non-online methods for reaching the over 60’s market. The only things i am aware of are direct-mail and telephone campaigns - could you add any other successful methods? Thanks in advance.


I think if you want some help with the methods of marketing you may be interested in hiring a specialist. I strongly recommend posting a marketing job offer here: It’s a freelance job board where you can find a lot of experts in sales & marketing, look through their resumes and portfolios and don’t have to pay any commission for it.


I think nowadays the most original and effective method - it’s offline marketing, like events, expos, etc.
I can advise the best agency with professionals in this sphere