Help! is my cv good enough for goldman sachs front office ib role?!

Goldman Sachs

Hi all,

I would like some feedback as to whether or not my cv would be good enough for goldman sachs.
I am currently filling out an application for their IB/corporate finance division now.
I am expected to get a 1st in Management and Finance from the University of Leicester, I have ABB at A level and 9 GCSE’s A-C.
I have had an internship as a financial analyst for a large retailer for 3 months.

Do I have a chance?

Thanks all.


you have a first which is good. however without sufficient intenship experience at a top tier bank i would apply or a summer internship rather than a full time grad position. goldman tends to fill up about 60 per cent of its grad vacancies through their summer intern class.

heres how i would play this:

  1. apply for a masters at lse (making you elligible for summer analyst roles as this would then be your penultimate year)
  2. fill out application for for goldman summer ib internship
  3. get other apps in ASAP (barcap/ ubs already open)

about 50 to 60 per cent of vacancies will be filled by this years summer interns (ones that recieved an offer). make it clear you are on trck for a first/ you have high grdes in your application


I have never really given a masters a thought, due ti how expensive they are (around 20k).
Do you have any suggestions as to the best way to finance a masters? I don’t come from a well of family so they certainly wouldnt be able to support me…



hey man, i think if you do some of networking, you are in a good position.