Help!: Internship offers for KPMG audit and consulting internship at boutique?


Hi there,

I have received internship offers for audit at KPMG and a consulting internship at a boutique firm. I’m not sure which one to accept? KPMG has the prestige factor but the internship at the no-name boutique firm is more relevant as I want to go into consulting after graduating, and I am hoping to apply to consulting grad schemes at the big 4. How important is brand name for securing graduate roles and is this more important than the work you actually do?

Thanks in advance!


Hi there,

I would recommend you take the consulting internship if you know that’s were you want to be! When you apply to the Big4 to consulting it will look good to have relevant experience on your CV. If you go with the audit internship you may get the question of why you decided against audit vs. consulting (which is fine but if you can avoid it - why have them question you!)

Also, working at a boutique firm has its advantages and it will be interesting for you to see how a smaller firm does things before you apply for the Big4!

Hope this helps and good luck!