Help :( i am depressed


124 Job applications, 2 job interviews and no offers.

What the hell am I doing wrong? I have just graduated with a 2.1 in accountancy and no one is giving me a job. I am working in asda part time - is this what my life has become? I really am feeling suicidal. Someone please help because I need help. I feel trapped in a dead end job and now I don’t even have the will-power to complete any more applications because when I see the rejection letter or email I am so distressed and feeling down for the rest of the day. Is anyone else in this position? Why isnt the government helping graduates? They make us get into so much debt and then there are no jobs for us. What the hell is going on?


Dear ali_5005 please don’t give up hope just yet. I know the feeling. I am trying hard myself. I know it can be hard but hold on, things will change for you, you just need to have a bit more patience. Things will get better…

I will say a prayer for you…this is what makes me stronger when I get depressed over the same situation. Don’t get suicidal and make a decision based on your current state…things do not stay bad forever…you have to trust that things will work out for you as hard as it seems.

Keep applying and don’t you dare give up, you have simply come too far, and giving up is not what you do…

I know things will work out for you so dont’ forget to update us here on the forums when it does…:slight_smile:

All the best!


Hi Ali,

First of all, I wouldn’t make any more applications before you find out exactly why your applications are not getting you the interviews. Remember, in the competitive market out there, its not how “hard” you work, its about how “smart” you work. I’m sure you’ll understand the distinction.

I would initially approach a trustworthy friend/family/authority capable of helping you find out EXACTLY why your applications are not working and where you’re going wrong.

If all fails… actually no… I’m not going to complete that sentence, because I want you to try that out first. Let us know how it goes. There’s plenty of people like myself who can empathise with you and here to help.

Hope to hear from you on your success with that soon.
Best wishes,


Dear Ali,

its a tough moment for graduates at the moment.

Im in the same place. I got 2.1 for my degree and grades AAA for my A levels and im still jobless. I am planning to do unpaid internship with small firms so as to gather work experience. I will advice you to look for unpaid opportunities which can be a plus for your cv.

And please don’ t give up. U have to be patient and believe in yourself. Moreover in the meantime try to improve your skills. practice online tests as you never know when you can get a response from a company. Most of them will ask you to do these online numerical tests. So its better to think professionally and DON’ T GIVE UP.

Good luck,