HELP! Hsbc Park street



Hi everey Body,

I applied for a credit analyst role within HSBC Global banking and Market. I passed the telephone interview and I have been invited for a face to face ionterview. However I am a little bit confused beause the address they gave me is “62-76 Park Street, London, SE1 9DZ” instead of “8 canada square”.

Can somebody tell me if park street is just a sort of “interview center” or if there is really HSBC offices located there?
My concern is about where am I going to work in the case I get accepted.

FYI, I am an international candidate and I will be coming from Paris.

Thank you for your help!


Yes I can help Park Street Address is were they hold the interviews I no this because I work there in 1999 to 2005


Thank you for your reply. Finally I got anther role somewhere else.
Some of the hsbc teams are located in Park street because of space problem.