Help!!! Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare Assessment Centre - Sales & Marketing


Hi, I need your help,

I was informed of passing group interview and getting into assessment centre.
They told me it consists of

  • Role play
  • Group exercise
  • 1:1 Interview (Competency based interview)
  • Presentation

Do you have any access to example questions for the role play or presentations that they ask in sales & marketing graduate programmes for GSK Consumer healthcare?
Also, in 1:1 interview, how long will it be last? About 30 min or 1 hour?
I heard that they will have competency based interview, then they just ask me questions about only my past experiences?
Don’t they ask me any motives (Why GSK?, Why this program?, Why you questions etc.) or other traditional interview questions?
If anybody experienced the interview, please tell me detail about the interview process!

Any help/ tips would be greatly appreciated.



Hi there

Did you check out this article? I think it could definitely help you:

Good luck!


Congratulations on making it to the assessment centre! I did my video interview two days ago and haven’t heard back yet. How long did it take them to get back to you?


Hello, could anybody share the video interview questions with me? Thanks.


Hello, could you tell me what kinds of questions they gonna ask in the video interview? Thanks in advance


Hi, there were five questions in total. One was why the role? The rest were competency based focused on teamwork, building relationship and facing challenges.


Thank you very much. Is it 2 mins for each question? And could you give me more details about the four competency questions? I am a little nervous as I don’t have any interview experience.