Help! Does anyone know how to answer this partner question?


Hi guys,

I have a PWC assessment day tomorrow and on this site I spotted a potential question that I would not know how to answer:

“If you met the CEO of M&S and were asked for advice from an auditory point of view, what would you say?”

Does anyone have any suggestions?



I’d tell him the Percy Pig sweets they make are bloody treeeemendous!


Dont think I can say that!


I wasn’t asked that at my AC interview. In fact I wasn’t asked anything really commercial awareness related in mine.
I would probably mention something about internal controls, anything about stock control systems and how that could help with stock takes etc. Just think of what you would do in audit, the kind of things you would test, and try relate it to M&S I guess.
I’d also be tempted with the Percy Pigs answer as its so true!


Thanks for your help Dave


No problem. Good luck!