Help! Diageo Assessment Centre- Sales & Marketing



I need your help,

I passed the application stage as well as the phone interview, and now am proceeding on the final stage which is the assesment centre. They told me it consists of:

-role play
-group work

Do you have any access to example questions for the role play or presentations that they ask in SALES AND MARKETING graduate programmes for DIAGEO?

Any help/ tips would be greatly appreaciated.

Many thanks!


hey there, i am just at the telephone stage of the application so cannot offer you any help on the assessment centre…but was wondering if you could maybe offer any help on what they ask at the telephone interview stage?
Also did they give you a date for your assessment day?

Many Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey, well they ask you to give examples of situations you were in. Also they ask why you want to join diageo. Prepare some examples of group work you have participated in. Its not that difficult. No they havent given me a date for the assessment day yet.

Good luck!


Hey, I’ve just sent off my application for the Graduate Finance Programme for the UK and wanted to know what the online assessments are like. How many questions and how many minutes for each test? Anywhere where I can get hold of practice questions?