HELP deloitte first round 90mins?


Hello guys

I have a Deloitte first round interview and it says it will last one and a half hours. Are the audit interviews at Deloitte really this long? Im beginning to panic at the number of competency questions i might be asked. The confirmation email did also say that I may be selected for retesting prior to my interview at the office, could this be why its 90mins?



Hi hr88

I know I’m not answering your question, but do you mind asking me what office and what stream you applied for? I’m curious because I applied for an audit position in london and my application is on hold till the new year when interview slots become available. Sorry I can’t be of any help!


i wouldn’t be too worried as the forum does offer plenty of advice on what may be asked. 90 mins is probably just a rough guide to how long they would expect it to last, and would vary depending on the length of your answers as well as how many questions the interviewer asks. as long as you prepare lots and lots of examples, minimum 2, for each competency you should do fine.

and of course theres no harm in brushing up on your verbal and numerical skills if you are that worried, lots of books and practice cds out there


Hi hr88,

Don’t worry about it too much. I had my interview last week and was told it would be 90 minutes and it did last about 75 minutes but the reason it takes so long is that they have to write down all of your answers. As everyone says I was asked to give 2 examples of each competency and I got asked a few questions around each example e.g. what did you find most challenging about this etc. But I think they only ask these more in depth queries to make sure you answer the questions thoroughly, and give you the best opportunity to pass. I also got the opportunity to ask them questions. My interviewer was really nice and the interview was quite relaxed.

One tip I would give is to think about how some of your examples for competencies can be adjusted for different situations. I was expecting to be asked: Can you describe two examples of when you have shown good communication skills? when in actual fact my interviewer had thought of two questions based on communication skills. i.e. Can you describe a time you’ve had to explain something to someone? This wasn’t a big problem but it did mean me having to adjust some of my examples at the last moment.

Good Luck!!!
I got through to the next stage btw!



Just a quick question. Did Deloitte perform a background check of work experience and A-level grades, or request for the relevant certificates?



I don’t think they have yet but I’ve only got through to the assessment centre. I would imagine they’ll only do background checks if they want to hire you.


Hi everyone,
Has anyone had a first round interview in Entrepreneurial Business?
Ive got one next week and would really appreciate someone shedding some light on their experience/what they got asked/how they found it!!
Thank you!


Hi, sorry can’t help with entrepreneurial business - I applied to audit, however I can shed some light on the A level certificates etc. At the assessment centre you have to take them with you, but the admin person hardly even looked at mine. Then, if you get the job, they send you your contract in the post and include info from a company called Experian and these people do the background checks on you. You have to provide info to them in the form of references from your school and uni who I guess will pass on your results. I only found out I had the job last week and they say they don’t start this process until 3 months before you start work. So as long as you haven’t lied you’ll have nothing to worry about!


Hi all,

thanks for the tips, I have my first round interview for consulting on 27th of Jan. I am wondering whether anyone has been through this process? Is it the same as the Audit interview above? It seems like a similar set up. Also, does anyone know which areas of consulting they are recruiting for? I applied to general consultancy and know I must state a preference. I am thinking about operations or EA but want to make sure that I know what they are looking for.



Thanks for the info thats really helpful, how did you get on in the AC?


Hey everyone!

I have a interview for audit coming up in london! could you guys share what questions the interviwer asked?

Thanks and good luck to all!!


Mine lasted about 1 hour 15min

Two examples each of three competencies

A few questions about my interests and stuff, and some bits about Deloitte and Audit.

1x Commerical awareness question I think


How long have people waited to get a date for their first round interview after having ‘invited to interview’ status added to their application.

Is it a case of ringing the recruitment line to try to get a date - or just waiting patiently to get a slot?

Also how long have people waited between first round and AC?

Many thanks


I can tell you my personal experience. I completed my online tests during Xmas holiday and was notified I would be invited to attend an interview on 23rd Dec. After that I had to wait for a really long period cos apparently nobody worked at that point. Then someone from their Recruitment Team rang me up in mid Jan, saying they could secure an interview slot for me on 1st Feb 2010.

So you can probably see they actually respond fairly promptly and I think only KPMG does a better job than Deloitte when it comes to arranging interviews & ACs.


I have not been to AC centre yet but I had to wait quite a while for my interview. Like Shuhs I was notified that I was invited to interview fairly quickly (few days) but I had to wait until now for my interview (around a month). Again though this was before christmas. My app is for Consulting

Thanks for posting more info on the interview. I was speaking to a girl who went to the Audit interview and she said something similar. However, she was asked competency q’s based on her CV i.e. give me a time from x where u displayed teamwork… Also, she was quizzed heavily on her dissertation (undergrad) which I think they were interested in for problem solving skills and time management examples. She got through and went to AC, is waiting on her offer.


I didn’t really have to wait long and was contacted by the HR team by e-mail for my interview date at the Glasgow office, did my online tests just before christmas and was invited along January 12th for an interview…prepare your competencies and be ready to expect the question to be asked in a different way from stated on the Wikijob Deloitte page. This distracted me slightly as I thought the competencies I had prepared were not appropriate for the interview.


Hi all

What about the time frame between first round interview and the date for AC?

many thanks


My first round interview was in November - I was told very quickly that I’d passed but received an email to say that over Christmas the administrator who was dealing with me was on holiday and so she’d book me in in January. I found out late December that my AC would be the 11th January - I had about two weeks notice, but I’d said I needed two weeks notice because I had to get the time off work. I found out I had the job about an hour and a half after the AC.


Pretty fast for first interview to assessment centre, mine was 8 days it was booked after the original interview date.



Had my 1st round yesterday, in the morning. Thank you for advice given above
Felt it was ok, but not too confident. I know they say they let you know within 3 days, but realistically how long is the wait?