HELP! BT phone interview next week! need some tips plz


Hello guys,

Please can anyone guide me on the kind of questiosn to expect from BT phone interview? I am scheduled to have a phone interview next week.


hey i am still waiting to hear back from my application… what role did u apply for? and did u have to do online tests? thanks


hey i am still waiting to hear back from my application… what role did u apply for? and did u have to do online tests? thanks


Hello Citychick,

I applied for the Technology programme and I was invited for an online test which I did and passed before scheduling mie for a phone interview this week.
Please can someone help me with what to expect please?


Hi I had my telephone interview a few weeks ago and have my skype interview tomoz.

The lady asked me:

About the weaknesses of BT and how they could improve.

My passion for technology (she focuses on my CV and previous tech related job)

Who are BTs main competitors

An example of when I created a piece of technology to improve an organisations profits or operations.

What I know about BT and why I want to apply for BT and the programme.

That’s all I remember I’m afraid. I hope this helps



Could I ask what programme did you apply to BT? Thanks.




Thank you very much for this timely info. I really do appreciate. Wishing you the very best in your skype interview.




Hw did your Skype interview go? Hope cool? What kind of questions did they asked you. What was the essence of the skype interview and the experience? I have never had a Skype interview before.

Wishing you the very best and see you at the top!



Could I ask what programme did you apply to BT? Thanks.



I applied for the Technology Graduate Programme


I applied for Researcher on the Technology Graduate Programme.

Skype interview was okay, it wasn’t as formal as I had expected, and it could have gone better but it’s and experience. It’s quite a weird experience as like you I’ve never had one, however once I got into it it was alright. I was a bit worried about connectivity but everything held out and I just treated it like a face to face.

The lady asked me would I prefer to be considered for other positions as well because competition is fierce.

She then asked:

What new technologies are available and what could be done to improve them?

Describe a complex piece of technology to me, assuming im an average Joe.

What programming skills I had and to rate them out of 1 to 10.

2 Examples of a time I’ve tried to learn something new, with probing questions such as what could you have done better etc.

What skills can I bring to BT?

and there were a couple more but being honest I cant remember.

Hope this helps,



Oh my god. Come on, I would say 1 telephone interview is more than enough. Why does recruitment agency turn simple thing into complicated stuff. At the end of the date, we just need jobs…


True but they have to cut down the numbers one way or another


Hi Aaron,

How was your skype interview? Got any feedback from BT about AC yet?

I also applied for the same position as you did - research programme in the technology division, and had my skype interview just a couple of days ago, but felt not very well ! The gentleman said for the research programme, they won’t consider any candidate except PhD students. So he asked me if I would like to consider other positions? Did you meet the same situation?!




Hello folks! When did you have your skype interview? Have you heard back yet? I’m completing 2 weeks today and I’m wondering if I should take it as a bad sign that I haven’t heard from them yet (they were a lot faster with the previous steps) or just hang on a little more :wink: Cheers!


Hay guys,

Can anyone post the exact questions during skype interview.

Thank you,


Hey vinpaul! The skype interview is also competency based, like the phone interview; just go through the questions aaronrance mentioned and you should be fine :slight_smile: The only thing I personally did not expect was the “describe a technological trend in your own words” part, but still, it’s nothing to worry about. Good luck!


Hey ntallaki, thank you for the reply, and I wish you all the very best :slight_smile:


Me neither. Almost two weeks, but still not hearing anything from them! Hope the best!

Ntallaki, did you give them a call? Or anyone got reply from them?




Hi Emma! I got a call from them last Thursday (2 weeks and 1 day after my skype interview), I have an AC next week :smiley: So you will probably hear from them soon I guess!