Help... Bsc(2.2) & MSc + 2y Java Programmer experience. Am I qualified for Investment Banking roles?


As I have mentioned. I have only got 2.2 BSc + MSc.
Now I have worked as a Java Developer for 2 years now.
I am wondering. Am I qualified for the general requirement of the Investment Banking role now? I would consider myself as a good programmer now. Unfortunately just missed out the 2.1.

Will the work experience balance out my 2.2 degree shortage?

I am so worried if I am going to apply the IB’s role such as intermediate professional programming role. The online application system won’t even pass my application to the actual HR staff. Simply because of my 2.2 Bsc.

Please someone give me some advise.


If you can’t work in an investment bank get over it. I’ve got a 2:1 but you have got experience so you’re in a far better position than me.


Dont apply to graduate schemes, use your experience as leverage and go for a perm/contrator role at the junior end of the scale.

Look at, efinancialcareers, jobserve etc or go directly to the banks and show them your programming strengths. If you went to a really good uni that will help tremendously also. Apply direct.

Go to FDM academy - they place people in development roles at banks (and other roles), you have the head start already. You will be laughing, I knew a guy who retrained with them (he was a builder turned programmer!)…He was at UBS - doing excel models for valuations:)

Try other agents like Aston Carter, Aston Mabury, Optimum IT etc.

Good luck…


I went through the process with FDM.-- they are a scam!!!

They make people apply making them believe they will offer training but in reality they just keep you at their centers for a few weeks incase you want to leave early, if so they can than charge you £20000 for the training, so whot they doing is traping you in for a long period of time.

what they really looking for is: people with very high profetional programing skills which they can take onboard and than send them to jobs worth £70 000 per year but will only pay you around £20000
They are just a very carefully formulated to their advantage employment agency.